i have been going back and forth as to whether or not we should post a 2014 recap.

since i basically checked out for all of 2014 [my last photo blog was march—MARCH—yikes] this is going to be less of a recap and more of an…update.

social media, blogging, etc. can be a little [a lot] overwhelming for me—what to post? how much to share? why? i struggle with wanting to be authentic [and i am authentically very private :) ] but also wanting to share the beauty of what we are privileged to do full time. weddings. some of our favorite people. beautiful families just loving on each other. our personal photos as our family continues to grow. plus, it’s good for business. people want to see our most recent work. and we want them to see that we are not a joke. or we at least want them to decide for themselves if they think we are a joke based on our most recent work. :)

we don’t have a ton of traditional resolutions for 2015. we are basically just hoping to survive. to be pleasing to the lord as we navigate all the newness set before us. to be faithful with what we are given. this blog is just a tiny tiny piece of that. a step toward being faithful with business, accountability, growth.


what you will see glimpses of below:

a growing belly. the thing we are THE most excited/freaked out about is that we are going to be meeting our little boy on or around march 7th. first baby. quite possibly the first real responsibility either one of us has ever had. :)

a growing family. we had two siblings get married this year. we love love love our family and will be sharing even more of the festivities as time goes on.

a growing business. honored, humbled, and excited. weddings. engagements. families.


what you will see glimpses of in the future:

a growing belly. haha.

a growing family. baby boy whitlow. and who knows what else?

A growing business. rebranding. more updates, blogs, additions to portfolio. just following where the lord takes us.


2014. what a year. 2015? oh boy.


here are a few highlights…starting with some photos of…me…taken by david. :)


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